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Haunted House 25" Crane


Profitability From Another Realm!
Installed Dimensions: H:80″ W:25″ D: 29″ Weight: CALL
Shipping Dimensions: CALL
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: S&B Toy Company / St. Louis Toy Company



Things are getting spooky with the Haunted House crane series by S&B Toy Company/St. Louis Game Company.

Following the same pattern of construction and quality that is found in other St. Louis gaming cranes, the Haunted House makes for a fun theme that maintains appeal even outside of Halloween season. The top has been shaped and themed to look like the top of a creepy, haunted mansion, replete with a chimney stack and back-lit ghost peeking his head out! A witch riding her broom also adorns the marquee, completing the look for something better than the typical art wrap theming that most cranes do. This is further enhanced by additional artwork around the base and 4-sided LED color changing lighting.

Check out the Haunted House crane from this manufacturer produced video.

The crane is also easy to adapt to the kind of prize you wish to offer – purchase it with a scoop crane to vend candy or a traditional finger claw for vending small toys. Operators can also place any kind of advertisement or notification on the back of the crane with ease.

S&B Toy Company’s Haunted House Crane Features:

– Proven earner with a fun, “haunted” design

– Decorative metal roof top with chimney & ghost

– Polished aluminum frame for long-lasting durability and appeal

– Covered with an RGB LED lit “Neon” face that can change color (programmable & linkable)

– 25″ wide for a compact, location friendly footprint

– Available in a scoop or finger claw design

– Standard joystick/button controls

– LCD screen built into the front control panel

– Dual interior security bars

– Operators can adjust claw strength as needed; winner every time play available!

– Comes with a standard coin slot; DBA or Card swipe ready

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