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Happy Train Crane



A Multiplayer Crane Machine With A Train Theme
Installed Dimensions: Please Call
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Warranty: 1 year via the manufacturer
Manufacturer: Coast To Coast Entertainment



All aboard a crane train with the fun and innovative Happy Train by Coast To Coast Entertainment.

Also known in the past as the Prize Junction, this series of cranes offers the kind of fun that players expect from crane/claw machines, but with a unique train design. The base unit features a fully molded train engine with bright colors with an attached “caboose” that houses the crane machines themselves. This offers at least 2-player prize play with two player stations available. Both portions of the train and the roof of the caboose feature translucent fixtures that are backlit by full color spectrum LEDs, which brings additional appeal to each installment of a Happy Train unit. Then, just like a real train, operators can purchase additional caboose segments to expand it to 4 or even 6 players! Bank a couple of 6-player setups next to each other to appear to a dozen players at once! You can also place very different prizes in the various segments, thus expanding the appeal.

See the older Prize Junction model in action from IAAPA 2017. Video available in ultra-sharp 4k UHD!



– Train themed 2-player crane machine with molded train front and appealing colors for all ages

– Translucent, RGB LED backlit fixtures for extra allure

– Child-friendly 24″ high control panel

– Easy-to-use joystick/button controls with 2-player stations per caboose

– Ships with a standard 3-finger claw – Ask about alternative claws!

– Order an additional “caboose” to expand your potential, each one coming with 2-player stations – connect up to two extra caboose units for six player fun!

– Play til you win option selectable plus more operator adjustments built into the game

– Locking castor wheels makes it easy to move and keep in place.

– Each player station features a single coin mechanism; please ask about card swipe readiness

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