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Fast Ball

SKU: 925


A Weather Resistant Alley Bowler
Installed Dimensions: H: 83″, W: 29″, L: 122″ Weight: 331lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: CALL
Electrical: 120V @ 700W peak (230V available)
Condition: New
Warranty: Two year via the factory
Manufacturer: Falgas



Fast Ball is a great alley-roller bowling arcade game that will challenge both the player’s aim and their skills.

As an alley bowler, players know exactly what to do when they approach this title – roll the balls down the lane and attempt to get them into the highest value targets within the backboard. While Fast Ball does feature five targets straight up the center, it removes the large curved ball guides in favor of a minimalist design. What makes the Fast Ball really interesting however is that it is the only alley roller on the market that can be placed and played in outdoor environments. This is similar to Falgas’ kiddie ride designs which are also weather resistant. Comes with a special “bonus” scoring system, excellent sound and LED lighting, and is very easy to transport.

Here is Fast Ball, video produced by the manufacturer

Fast Ball can be played either for fun or using ticket redemption using an optional ticket dispenser.

Falgas’ Fast Ball Features:

– Unique looking design with a red/white aesthetic and rounded edges

– Weather resistant! Can be operated outdoors

– 4 scoring targets with a 5th for zero points; bonus scoring system

– LED lighting effects

– Balls are ejected into a small ditch in front of the lane preventing the same kind of pinching that can happen on other alley bowlers

– Digital sounds

– Red numerical LED display for scoring

– Great game for kids or adults to enjoy

– Coin operated

– Available in 5 different languages: English (Standard), Spanish, French, German and Italian

Available Options – Please Call For Price

– Ticket dispenser

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