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Dartsee [Commercial]



A Great System That Brings Darts Into The 21st Century
Installed Dimensions: H: 118″ W: 60″ D: 118″
Shipping Dimensions: Please call
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Dartsee



Looking for a profitable and versatile dart system for your venue? Then consider adding a Dartsee system.

The heart of Dartsee is to promote competitive socializing and drive profitability at the location where the games are being operated. Dartsee accomplishes this by blending a classic game with modern technology. By employing cameras and smart algorithms, the system is able to accurately detect the spot where the dart lands, every time. The game becomes more interactive than normal darts, thanks to the integrated TV graphics, which will show both scoring and fun animations. It also uses off-the-shelf components, so no need to worry about a hard-to-find proprietary device to keep the system function down the road.

How you want to setup your Dartsee is entirely up to you, allowing the freedom to add appeal as your budget allows. When you receive your Dartsee package, it comes with the core system which is a ring that contains the cameras around the dartboard, along with the PC hardware and software that controls the experience. This system can operate offline, so in the event that your location/venue has poor or no internet access, you can still have fun! Then to complete the experience, you can connect the scoreboard to any existing TV display you have while using your own tablet or touchscreen kiosk so that customers can interact with it from there. Do you want to build or add your own cabinet design around this? Be creative and have at it! Here are some examples of some Dartsee client designs:

Check out the Dartsee from this manufacturer produced video

The Dartsee Commercial Dartboard Features

– A super versatile dart solution
– Specialized camera/sensor system detects dart strikes with pinpoint precision
– Real high-quality dartboard
– PC system uses specialized software that can connect to any TV & tablet to further delight and engage with customers
– Easy to assemble and maintain – No need to purchase the highest end components
– Highly customizable
– Instant replays, meme reactions, player banter, & session overviews are channeled to the connected TV
– A connected tablet allows players to create their own profile, take selfies, choose their game and play!
– Comes with six games: X01(301 & 501), Cricket, Moon Landing, Killer, Fight Game, Shanghai
– Online not required but will allow access to audit data
– 24/7 technical support
– Also available in residential model

Game Descriptions

– X01: Offers the classic single (301) or doubles (501) play
– Cricket: The competitive classic for advanced players
– Moon Landing: A variation of X01 that is focused on teaching beginners how to play darts
– Killer: Another classic where you eliminate other players
– Shanghai: A variation that can be enjoyed by 1-12 players
– Fight Game: A unique version of darts where you deal damage to your opponents based upon what number your dart lands on. Think if Street Fighter were controlled by darts!

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