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Capture The Particle To Win Tickets!
Installed Dimensions: H: 128.7″ W: 46.3″ D: 44.2″ Weight: 661 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: H: 91.8″ W: 47.4″ D: 45.2″ Weight: 771 lbs.
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Family Fun Companies




When science and fun combine, you get Cyclotron, an innovative multiplayer redemption piece by Family Fun Companies.

Cyclotron challenges the player to use their timing skills to stop the particle of light that travels along the ring within the chamber. Multiple particles (either red, green or blue) move along the ring, moving faster as you climb the score ladder. Stop the action by pushing the large “STOP” button. If you can stop the particle at the correct time, you move up to the next level; reach the top of the ladder and you win the ticket jackpot!

Check out the Cyclotron from it’s debut at the IAAPA 2018 trade show. Video available in 4K UHD!

There are three player stations built into the cabinet, maximizing the earnings potential of the compact design. Thanks to multi-color and vibrant LEDs, the flash in this cabinet is out-of-this-world, further enhanced by the tower LED billboard triple display. This also makes it easy for operators to make adjustments to the gameplay as needed for their location. With multiple game styles available, Cyclotron is sure to be a strong piece at arcades for a long time to come.

Family Fun Companies’ Cyclotron Features:

– Incredible, futuristic game cabinet

– 100% skill-based gameplay with a scientific “particle collider” theme

– Support for up to 3 players

– Extensive use of vibrant, multi-color LEDs

– Single button gameplay

– Multiple game modes (default is called “One Shot”) allow locations to tailor the gameplay to their clients

– Variety of operator options

– LED billboard video tower shows scoring for each player side

– Tower is retractable for easy shipping and/or transportation

– Red numerical LED displays show current Jackpot and single player current winnings

– 3x ticket dispensers included (1 per player station)

– Coin or card swipe operated

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