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Cubic 4 Catcher


A Compact Crane That Supports Up To Four Players!
Installed Dimensions: H: 39″ W: 48″ D: 48″ Weight: 341lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: [2 units: Weight: 831lbs]
Main: H:46″ W:45″ D:45″
Console: H:7″ W:13″ D:24″
Electrical: 110V @3.9A, 429W / 220V Available
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Sega Amusements



Following in the footsteps of the globally popular UFO Catcher series, Sega’s Cubic 4 Catcher captures the same charm while innovating on size and features!

Players peek from above as they try to catch the prizes contained inside! The unit is only 3.2ft (1m) high and 4ft wide, allowing it to fit into a wide variety of spaces, while working for both kids and adults! Cubic 4 Catcher features a transparent ceiling that gives the player a unique “birds eye” perspective of the prizes and the claw action, driving repeat value. Control the fun using the simple joystick controller, doing so within the set time limit.

Building onto the appeal is the four player nature of the cabinet. That’s right! Cubic 4 Catcher is a compact multiplayer crane, a proven concept that drives interest and play (assuming it is stocked with desirable prizes by the prizes). Combining a see-through cabinet design, attractive LED lighting and a play position on every side makes this a ideal centerpiece in any arcade and/or Family Entertainment Center.

Sega Amusements’ Cubic 4 Catcher Features:

– Part of the UFO Catcher family of popular crane machines

– Excellent for small prizes or plush

– Compact design makes it a great piece for “island” arcade sections, without taking up much space

– Transparent prize bays from the top and sides allows teens and adults to easily see the prizes from above & it’s also great for kids

– Four player stations to maximize appeal & potential for the space

– Vibrant RGB LED lighting

– Pictograph instructions are printed at each player station to help newcomers understand what to do

– Simple and standard joystick/single button controls

– 4x Sturdy three finger claw mechanisms

– Separate locking doors for the coin box and prize bays; easy to restock prizes

– 1x coin slot per player station

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