• Sega UFO Catcher US version

Sega UFO Catcher

A Famous & High quality crane game from Sega
Installed Dimensions: H 77.64″ x W 66.34″ x D 34.45″ Weight: 672 lbs
Electrical: 120V @ 2.4A, 267W (220V option available, please call)
Condition: Excellent
Manufacturer: Sega Amusements


Sega’s world famous crane brand UFO Catch is finally here in the United States! Using their iconic “UFO” claw, players aim, grab, roll, drag, knock down, turn over, hook, drop & push prizes around to win. As it is, Sega’s UFO Catcher experience can’t be described in just one word!

Sega UFO Catcher is a heavily customizable unit with a built in 19-inch LCD television that is mounted on the back of the game. Unlike Japanese models, it is not controlled just by buttons, but instead comes equipped with four-directional joysticks. This makes it more like claw machines that players are used to in Western Culture.

The machine comes with 3 uniquely sized arms and 3 types of shovels (hooks) to accommodate almost any prize. Sega offered additional options, such as a 20” media player with Flash ROM to run customized advertisements or a fun instructional video; Plexiglas risers to better display prizes; bill acceptors; custom skins including Sonic The Hedgehog and a security bar. Sega UFO Catcher cranes move steadily and smoothly meaning that players can control the crane accurately without getting frustrated. Right away they can see that winning is a process, not just a one-shot play. Every try gets them closer to their goal!

Sega’s UFO Catcher Features:

– Internationally recognized UFO Catcher name comes to the USA

– 19″ Color LCD mounted to the back of the game to attract more play

– Two (2) cranes in one with two players support built into the game

– Iconic “UFO mechanism” to grab prizes with

– Smooth movement controlled via joystick

– Easy maintenance

– Customize your machine with your own artwork. Please call for availability and pricing

– Game ships with coin slots+mechanisms for each player; Dollar Bill Acceptor (DBA) ready or card swipe, add a DBA for an extra cost

– Note that Sega UFO Catcher machines are not currently in production by Sega and thus are only available used. Availability will vary. All used/second-hand items are fully refurbished by PrimeTime Amusements’ experienced technical staff to ensure that you are getting the best quality possible on your purchase. All used items also come with a 30 day warranty through PrimeTime Amusements so you can buy with peace of mind!


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