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Crater Raiders



Offer A Wide Variety Of Toys
Installed Dimensions:  H: 78″ W: 35″ D: 71.5″
Shipping Dimensions: CALL
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: ICE



Offer our-of-this-world prizes with Crater Raiders by ICE.

Sporting a friendly alien theme, Crater Raiders is a compact crane machine made to handle a wide variety of toys. This can be rubber duckies, dinosaurs, small animal toys, capsules, and more. Players control the scoop crane arm with a standard joystick and button – position it over the spinning prize tub and watch it grab the prize. If the prize stays within the grasp of the scoop claw, it will be dropped into the prize bay for the user to take.

Standing out from the normal crane fare, this adds some character to the experience with 3D sculpted alien figures. One is “operating” the crane, while the other watches on. This combined with whimsical art means Crater Raiders is an easy attractor in any venue where it is placed.

ICE’s Crater Raiders Features

– A crane that will take your earnings to the moon!
– Alien/space themed
– 3D sculpted cartoon alien figurines
– Compact scoop crane that fits just about anywhere
– 2-finger scoop claw
– Rotating prize tub
– Perfect for small toys
– Durable clear glass face
– LED lighting
– Digital sounds & music pumped through a pair of front speakers
– Coin or card swipe ready

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