• Circus Ride by IGPM Group / Kalkomat

Circus Ride


Take A Spin On The Circus Ride!
Installed Dimensions: H: 88.5″ W: 55″ D:39″ Weight: 474lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: H: 74″ W: 48″ D: 60″ Weight: 530 lbs.
Electrical: 110V @ 3.6A, 480 W max
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Kalkomat / IGPM Group

The Circus Ride by IGPM Group is a fun and compact kiddie ride that brings a little bit of excitement from the circus to just about any location out there.

This ride comes in a uniquely shaped cabinet that is made to look like a classic circus tent with bold colors and flashing LED lights.  Several elements from a circus are also molded into the front, including circus elephants, a monkey and a big happy clown.

The ride itself is a vertical carousel for a single rider. The seat features safety straps so that the child is kept snug in place, and there are two large emergency motion stop buttons and a platform sensor to stop the ride for any reason.

Check out the Circus Ride in action via this manufacturer produced video.

IGPM Group’s Circus Ride Features:

– Stand out in your kiddie rides with this fun circus themed ride

– Durable fiberglass & metal construction

– All cabinet paint was done by hand, airbrushed

– Slow vertical spin movement

– Designed for children up to 10 years of age

– Seat will only move once the safety belt is secured

– Two emergency stop motion buttons (one on each side of the cabinet)

– Automatically stops if anyone steps on the platform below the seat

– Plays voice overs for instructions & circus music during the ride

– Anti-skid base to prevent the machine from moving out of place during normal use

– Comes with a single electronic coin comparator & a bill acceptor; Additional payment options available

Upgrades – Please Call For Price

– Custom paint job

– Second coin acceptor

– Second bill acceptor

– Prize capsule dispenser

– Ticket dispenser

– Wireless Internet connection modem (for route operators to check on the machine status, earnings)

– Protective Cover

– Silencing Upgrade

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