• Boxer Surprise

Boxer Surprise


Box and Win – it's as simple as that!
Installed Dimensions: H: 86.6″ W:27.5″ D:47.2″ Weight: 353lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: H:90.5″ W:30″ D:49.6″ Weight: 397lbs
Electrical: 100V @ 90W
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Jakar


Do you have the strength to win?

Boxer Surprise is a great concept that combines the appeal of an instant prize machine with that of a boxing machine. It works like any boxing game does – punch the bag as hard as you can to play – but now the score values can unlock the prize inside to drop it into the bin below! Lower values will vend lower value prizes (333, 444, and 555) while you need to hit the higher values (777, 888, or 999) to win the bigger, higher-value products.

Check out the Boxer Surprise in action (manufacturer video)

The Boxer Surprise can also be equipped with a ticket dispenser or a capsule dispenser. It can also reward players with a free credit if they manage to beat the posted record score.

Jakar’s Boxer Surprise Features:

– Combines two appealing game types – boxer arcades and instant prize redemption games – into one machine!

– Different prize levels available for both Minor and Major prizes

– Features a durable punching bag/bladder that is easy to replace. Safety padding is also included over the bar

– “Gear engine” holds and releases the punching bag arm instead of an electromagnet to ensure the bag is released every time

– High quality Tempered Safety Glass on the front to prevent shattering

– Bright white LED lighting highlights the prize bay

– Operates indoor or outdoors

– Ships with a “VH i RM5” coin acceptor; if you wish for a different mechanism to be installed, please request

– Optional ticket dispenser or capsule dispenser also available at an additional cost

– Available in black, white, yellow and red (please state which color you want at the time of order)


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