• Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWII Deluxe Sit-Down Arcade Cabinet by GlobalVR

Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII


Experience Open-World Battlefield As You Fight Against The Evil Axis Powers
Installed Dimensions: H: 79″, W: 40″, D: 74″ Weight: 610 lbs
Standard cabinet dimensions: H: 82″ W: 40″, D: 58″ Weight: 475 lbs.
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Global VR


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Experience historical WWII aerial battles in a way that only arcades can offer thanks to the simulator style cabinet. Fly & fight in WWII period fighter planes over eighteen WWII campaigns over sites in Europe, Africa and the Pacific, taking the fight to the Axis powers.

Blazing Angels – Squadrons of WWII is based on the console game of the same name but tailored for the needs of the arcade market. This means you get solid graphics, open range battlefields and top quality sound. The game features two distinct modes – Campaign and Dogfight mode with nine levels each and varied difficulty classes shown for each mission. Campaign levels feature a goal and a story that plays out as you fight while dogfight pits you against three waves of enemy fighter groups as you see if you can survive. With a flight joystick and throttle controls, this truly embodies a flight simulator unlike other contemporary arcade titles on the market.

GlobalVR’s Blazing Angels – Squadrons of WW2 Features:

– Based on the popular console game of the same name but with appropriate changes for the arcade style

– Features various famous WW2 battles including Pearl Harbor, Midway, Ardennes and moreBlazing Angels Upright Arcade Game

– Awesome WW2 fighter craft themed cabinet that includes LED lighting that changes depending on your in-game speed and a back-lit control panel that reacts to in-game damage

– 18 missions divided across two modes – 9 Campaign levels and 9 Dogfight levels

– Separate leaderboards for each mode

– Excellent graphics on the 42″ HD LCD screen and open world play powered by PC-hardware

– Flight stick control on the right with a thumbstick for squad commands; throttle w/ button for speed & enemy tracking

– DELUXE VERSION: Awesome 5.1ch surround sound plus a seat solenoid that fires when your craft is hit

– Also produced in a Standard Upright version (pictured to the right)

Additional Videos

Here is the upright version of the game:

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