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Angry Birds Whacker



Don’t Just Play An Angry Bird – Become One!
Installed Dimensions: H: 87.5″ W: 32.5″ D: 44″ Weight: 350lbs
Shipping Dimensions: H: 60″ W:44″ D:44″
Electrical: 110V @ 3A / 220V available
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Adrenaline Amusements



The Angry Birds are an icon among young gamers and joining other arcade projects to carry the name, you can now bash those evil green pigs directly in Angry Birds by Adrenaline Amusements.

This game follows the same rules as other hammer/mallet whacking games but with a massively recognizable license. The player is acting as one of the Angry Birds here, with the green pigs being the whackable targets.  with a literal twist. Whaack as many pigs as you can within the time to win tickets. At the end of the round, the game will then highlight which level of Angry Bird you played at.

Check out the Angry Birds Whacker as seen at IAAPA 2021. Video is available in crisp 4K Ultra HD resolution. Subscribe to us on YouTube to be alerted of additional video updates!

Adrenaline Amusements’ Angry Birds Whacker Features:

– Based upon the popular Angry Birds franchise

– Attractive, colorful cabinet that prominently features the red Angry Bird

– Whacker style play that is familiar to customers of all backgrounds

– LED lighting

– The game demonstrates your proficiency by showing which Angry Bird level you reached

– Red LED displays for Credits, Score & Timer

– One soft mallet is attached to the cabinet with a metal cord

– Ticket dispenser included

– Coin or card swipe ready


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