• AC7705 rear load change machine & bill breaker by American Changer

AC 7705 Rear-Loading Bill Dispenser

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Same Concept As The 7702 But In A Rear Load Design
Installed Dimensions: H 26″, W 19.25″, 18.10″ Weight: 140lbs.
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Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: American Changer Corporation


If you are looking for the same kind of bill breaking features that the AC7702 offers but with a secure rear load design, then look no further than the AC7705 by American Changer. It is the perfect machine that can break a $20 bill into smaller change that includes both single denomination bills and quarters!

This makes it an excellent addition to an ATM, which for the most part dispense $20 when customers need smaller change. It is also a sensical product to have instead of a straight bill-to-coin changer, since no one really likes walking around with $20 worth of quarters. This will eliminate lost sales and drive down attendant change making costs! The machine is capable of vending either coins, or tokens from 0.75″ to 1.125″ in diameter, and from 0.49″ to 0.98 in thickness; the dispenser only handles one denomination of bills (either $1 or $5 is recommended).

American Changer’s AC7705 Features:

– Rear load change machine

– Made In The USA

– Bill dispenser with 700 note capacity (can only dispense one type of bill)

– Pyramid validator can take $1/$5/$10/$20; 500 bill/note stacker capacity

– Coin hopper holds up to 1,500 quarters or 1,000 $1 coins

– Outer casing & door is made from high security 12-gauge steel

– Out of service light activates in the case of a fault (low on tokens or other problem)

– Easy to transport

– Multi-button Control Board allows you to easily adjust the settings

Available Options – Please Call For Price

– Stainless steel faceplate for a seamless installation appearance (H: 30″ W: 23.25″, unit is pictured with the faceplate)

– Custom art decal, text or casing color

– International currency programming

– Drill resistant T-Handle

– High security hardened steel lock (Medeco brand)

– Audit Printer

– Contact Alarm (130 dB)

– CoinCo Vantage Validator & Stacker (holds 500 notes). 700 note stacker also available for this model.

– MEI Validator & Stacker (takes $1-$20; holds 500 notes)

– MEI Validator & Stacker for $50 & $100 bills (also takes $1-$20; holds 500 notes)


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