Shelti Radikal Communicating Dartboard Machine

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Laser Light Controls / Measures Throwing Distance
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Condition: Excellent
Manufacturer: Shelti

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The new Shelti Radikal Communicating Dart Game is by far the most intelligent and feature packed dart machine ever produced. This revolution in dartboard design is guaranteed to exceed every player’s expectations! Shelti Radikal comes with a software system called Radikal Darts, developed by Gaelco, located in Spain.

The Shelti RD allows you and others to play live with against other players world wide using the internet. Equipped with web cameras, a laser-measured throw line, sensors, and online competition software means players can compete online in real time with other remote opponents from across the globe, as well as view a computerized record of throws and results.

The Shelti RD is equipped with multiple strategically placed cameras – These cameras record the players throwing distance and location, the target face, and each thrown dart. The camera system allows players to compete live in real time in casual games, leagues, and tournaments without having to be in the same location.