Jukeboxes are an icon of American culture, providing an automated music solution to locations including arcades, bars, restaurants, bowling centers and even home game rooms. As technology has progressed, the ease of access to music options has also increased, providing jukeboxes with heated competition.

Consumers are allowed to purchase a jukebox and use their home and there are various non-coin, even digital options that have been produced. Commercial-use jukeboxes tend to become a thorny issue as most locations require a license to be able to provide licensed, pre-recorded music for their customers to listen to.

As it stands in 2018, jukeboxes are still manufactured by companies like Rock-Ola but their policies have made it so that customers are best served by contacting them directly as opposed to working with a distributor. This also applies to obtaining warranty support, where in many situations the manufacturer will not honor the warranty unless the machine was bought from them. Some other jukebox manufacturers also make it difficult for single locations to purchase such systems, setting it up so that only operators with multiple locations who will make multiple unit purchases are allowed to buy any jukeboxes. It should also be noted that popular companies like Wurlitzer and JVL (such as with the JVL Boom) are no longer producing new jukebox designs. This has made it difficult to come across Wurlitzer boxes, with rarity driving prices ever higher and they can only be found used. While we do handle used equipment, coming across a jukebox is very rare.

As these policies are not very friendly to consumers, we at PrimeTime Amusements are no longer offering jukeboxes from these companies for sale. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause but do note that we are still happy to assist you in obtaining other items that will make your game room shine; likewise if we happen to have a used jukebox available, we will post about it on this or our Certified Pre-Owned games page.

If you have any questions about this new policy, please contact us at 1.800.550.0090.