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Woodpecker 2



Peck The Bugs, Win The Tickets
Installed Dimensions: H: 75″, W: 42.5″, D: 61″ Weight: 551lbs
Shipping Dimensions: H: 77″, W: 44.5″, D: 63″ Weight: CALL
Electrical: 110V/220V @ 300W
Condition: New
Manufacturer:  Amusement Source International



Peck your way to win tickets in Woodpecker 2 by Amusement Source International.

Control the 3D sculpted woodpecker using the oversized joystick, moving the bird left or right then push the button to peck the lit-up color bugs. The bug targets are located on a large rotating tree – peck as many of them as you can before the timer runs out to win the most tickets.

Making it more exciting is the double-sided cabinet, which features a player station and woodpecker on each side! Between that and the fun gameplay, it will be a great piece to put on location for years to come.

See Woodpecker II in action from this factory-produced video

Amusement Source International’s Woodpecker 2 Features

– Attractive green cabinet with forest artwork

– 2-player stations (one on each side)

– Large, rotating “tree stump” fixture with bug targets attached

– Green LEDs backlighting the bugs; Other RGB LEDs to increase general cabinet attractiveness

– Both bug and apple targets; Apples can unlock a free game

– 2x (one for each side) 3D sculpted, mechanical woodpecker

– Giant ball-top joystick with button for pecking

– Three red numerical LED counters per side (timer, score, bonus win value)

– Woodpecker jackpot: Light up 5 woodpeckers to collect

– Digital music & sounds

– Coin or card swipe ready

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