• The Black Box crane by St. Louis Crane Co.

The Black Box


A Crane With Class
Installed Dimensions: H:72″ W:30″ D: 34″ Weight: CALL
Shipping Dimensions: CALL
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: S&B Toy Company / St. Louis Toy Company

Sometimes, you don’t want a super flashy crane machine to move product. For cases like those, there is The Black Box by S&B Toy Company/St. Louis Game Company.

The Black Box is a 30″ wide crane machine that exudes elegance. There is no frilly or cartoony artwork, just the sharp contrast of white text on a black background and the all-glass front. This maximizes the focus on the product inside, bringing fantastic storefront appeal to the machine. RGB LEDs add extra appeal to the look, bringing attention to the crane, but not overwhelming the player with a light show. The rest of the game operates like anyone would expect – position the claw using the joystick, then push the button to attempt a grab at a prize below.

The crane is also easy to adapt to the kind of prize you wish to offer – purchase it with a scoop crane to vend candy or a traditional finger claw for vending small toys. Operators can also place any kind of advertisement or notification on the back of the crane with ease.

S&B Toy Company’s The Black Box Crane Features:

– A crane made for locations who prefer a more serious tone to their games

– Polished aluminum frame for long-lasting durability and appeal

– 4-sided RGB LED lit “Neon” face (operates can set the color to their liking)

– 30″ wide for a location friendly footprint that will fit into most situations

– Available in a scoop or finger claw design

– Standard joystick/button controls

– LCD screen built into the front control panel

– Operators can adjust claw strength as needed; winner every time play available!

– Comes with a standard coin slot; DBA or Card swipe ready

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