• Screw Driver merchandiser by Benchmark Games

Screw Driver


Twist The Screw, Win The Prize
Installed Dimensions: Please Call
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Electrical: 110V
Warranty: 1 year via Benchmark Games
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Benchmark Games

Screw Driver by Benchmark Games is one merchandiser game that requires no tools nor carpentry skills to enjoy and win.

Like other Instant Prize Redemption machines on the market, the game play for Screw Driver is easy to learn but quite the challenge to master in winning those prizes. Players control a Philips head screwdriver while the prizes are kept locked up via giant black & white screws. There are nine total prize holders that operators can use to place prizes both big and small. All you have to do is first insert a credit, then use the joystick to move the screwdriver left or right. Once you feel that it is properly lined up with one of the screws, press and hold the button on the control panel down. As long as it is depressed, the screwdriver will rise up. Let go when you want the mechanism to go for the screw. If everything is properly lined up, the screw will twist and the prize will vend into the prize box below. If not, then you have to try again.

What Makes The Screw Driver Special?

– Instant Prize Merchandising with a fresh new take on the concept

– Tool theme makes it a great piece for hardware stores that want something tailored to their clientele

– Bright and attractive white & blue design

– Large, 3D molded screwdriver device inside of the game

– Easy-to-play with a single joystick & button control setup

– Operator adjustable difficulty settings for tailored profitability

– Easy to restock or swap out prizes

– Ships with a pair of coin comparators and a Dollar Bill Acceptor

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