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A Follow-Up Merchandiser Game To The Popular Drill-O-Matic
Installed Dimensions: Please Call
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 110V
Warranty: 1 year, full factory
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Benchmark Games



The Push-A-Prize instant prize merchandiser machine by Benchmark Games is similar to the Drill-O-Matic of old, now with a new look and more modern design!

Using a little bit of skill and a little bit of a push, use the joystick & button to maneuver the pushing device into place to win exciting prizes from this brightly lit, robust all-metal cabinet. The joystick moves the device side-to-side while holding the button will move it upwards; release the button for it to move forward. If properly lined up, the prize inside of the tube will be pushed out and fall into the Prize Out bin below! Operators can feature a variety of prizes (ticket discs, rubber ducks, etc.), giving players 75 different prizes from which to choose.

What Makes The Push-A-Prize Special?

– “Sequel” to the classic Drill-O-Matic machines

– Easy-to-understand gameplay – just navigate the pusher device to try and push a prize out of its tube

– Joystick/button controls

– Tubes can hold a wide variety of small prizes, just over 2″ in diameter. 75 prizes can be held at one time!

– Units ship with a pair of coin comparators; DBA or card swipe ready

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