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Prize Dome



Four Players, Four Claws, Four Pushers
Installed Dimensions: CALL
Shipping Dimensions: CALL
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: UNIS



High foot traffic locations do great with prizes and multiplayer game options. With UNIS’ Prize Dome, you get both!

Prize Dome is a combination of two game types into one – a crane machine and a pusher. Instead of pushing coins or marbles, you’re looking to put the toys or capsules onto the platform to get them pushed over the edge and into the prize bin below. Even better – this has four player stations, ensuring high throughput for locations.

Gameplay is simple. Push and hold the button to move the claw horizontally. Once you let go, it stops and drops to grab the prizes below. If it grabs something, it will move and deposit it on the pusher platform. If that knocks something else off the edge, you can collect the prize below. The game also has a BONUS challenge. By using exact timing, you can win the bonus and even more prizes!

UNIS’ Prize Dome Features

– Dazzling cabinet design with a 3D marquee and LED ticker display
– Dual sided cabinet with two player stations per side (4-player)
– A claw machine and pusher in one
– Rotating conveyor area keeps prizes constantly moving
– Central storage area for showcasing prizes
– Four scoop style claws
– Single button control
– Offer a wide variety of small prizes, easy to change out
– Small red numerical LED displays show current credit status
– Digital music
– Coin or card swipe ready

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