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Minecraft Dungeons Arcade



The Worldwide Phenomenon Comes To Arcades
Installed Dimensions: H: 117″ W: 72″ D: 68″
Shipping Dimensions: Two Pieces
–Main Cabinet – 40″H X 73″W X 48″D – 540 LBS
–Pedestal – 35.5″H X 54″W X 55″D – 300 LBS
Electrical: ~120VAC/60Hz/5 Amps | 230V available
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Raw Thrills Inc.






As the most recognizable gaming franchise in the modern world, Minecraft by Mojang & Microsoft holds consistent and strong popularity with people of all ages and tastes. Tapping into that by bringing the concept to arcades for the first time is Minecraft Dungeons Arcade by Play Mechanix & Raw Thrills.

Minecraft Dungeons Arcade is a unique arcade adaption of the console game Minecraft Dungeons. That title took the concept into a new direction, offering “dungeon crawler” style play that you would expect to find in games like Diablo. The arcade version refines that to properly tie-in to the arcade experience, offering faster and easy-to-learn gameplay as players hack ‘n slash their way to victory among the hordes of creatures.

Giving this an additional boost is the card vending & play system. With each play, customers receive 1 of 98 collectible game cards (as of Series 2 launch, late 2022). These cards can be scanned into the game to change or enhance the equipment that the player has, including their melee & ranged weapons, their armor, their pet or their skin. Even if players do not use them for the gameplay, they can always go and collect them, which has proven to drive play on games like Injustice Arcade. More cards can be released down the road, giving the game an extra interest boost!

See the debut of Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Series 2 at IAAPA 2022. Video available in true 4K UHD; subscribe to us on YouTube to stay up-to-date with the latest product videos!

Raw Thrills’ Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Features:

– Officially licensed from Microsoft Game Studios & Mojang

– Minecraft is the most popular & best-selling franchise in gaming history, appeals to people of all ages.Banner_Series1_Preview

– Based upon the Minecraft Dungeons console game, but wholly unique in it’s own style and features

– Supports 1-4 players with a focus on co-operative play

– Nine exciting stages to explore with over 100 minutes of gameplay!

– Card vending game; Comes with 4x card dispensers & 2800 cards. 98 total cards to collect!

– Promotional stand-up banner included (pictured -> )

– Easy-to-use analog joystick & button controls (1 joystick & 3 buttons; 1 Buy Card Only button per player)

– Graphics powered by Unreal Engine are displayed on a 65″ 4K UHD display

– Online enabled through the Coin-up Network for free software updates

– More info on the gameplay is found over at Arcade Heroes.

– 4x card dispensers; Comes with pink rubber card catchers to prevent cards from falling on the floor.

– Coin or card swipe ready

– NOV. 2022: Series 2 cards and software now available! Software updates will install automatically on internet-connected machines; To order new cards, please contact us. 

Additional Options – Please Call For Price

– 1 box of 700 cards

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