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Capture The Balls That Drop Through The Dynamic Grid For Tickets
Installed Dimensions: H: 84″ W: 36″ D: 38″
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Benchmark Games



Try your hand at the Grid by Benchmark Games and you could walk away a big ticket winner!

Pulling from their years of experience, Benchmark has developed a unique style of “ball drop” gameplay with Grid. Inside of the play area are four acrylic platforms, each with a variety of holes drilled into them. These platforms are in constant motion so players must take care to time the ball drop as they attempt to get it in the best position. Then at the bottom of the game is a player controlled ‘play wheel’ that has several holes in it. The player attempts to get each ball into the best value holes to win the most tickets! All-in-all, each play of Benchmark’s Grid is unique, offering replayability and excitement.

Benchmark Games’ Grid Features:

– New twist on ball drop gaming that offers more player control than before

– Appropriate for all ages

– Fantastic LED lighting combined with a black light gives the cabinet an attractive, cool look

– Four moving platforms with a ‘grid’ of holes that changes the path of each ball dropped on every play

– Simple turn wheel / button player controls

– NO Auto percentaging – 100% skill based gameplay!

– 18,000 ticket capacity for more up-time and better profits

– Tried-and-true Intelli-triple ticket dispenser

– Compatible with coin drop or card swipe. Please specify which payment acceptance style is needed at the time of your order


See Grid being played at the AMOA 2017 trade show event:

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