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Fireball Fury

SKU: 834


Traditional Alley Bowling With A More Modern Look
Installed Dimensions: H: 80″, W: 30″, D: 114″ Weight: 500 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Please call
Condition: Certified Pre-Owned
Manufacturer: BAY TEK Games



Fireball Fury is an alley bowler game that was created to bring more of a sleek look and feel to the standard alley bowler that customers often expect to find when they visit an arcade.

Using the same scoring layout as other traditional alley bowlers, the way to play is still the same, making it a breeze for kids or adults to enjoy. Players roll 9 balls up the ramp to score as many points as they can before the timer runs out. That in turn translates into rewarded tickets (if the operator has set it up for the option). Each scoring ring will have different score values to shoot for, the hard-to-get targets in the upper right and left hand corners rewarding the most points if hit.

Bay Tek’s Fireball Fury Features:

– Traditional alley roller scoring with excellent artwork and color scheme that stands out from older bowlers

– Chasing LED lights along the lane adds to the attraction

– Scoring printed on each target; chart showing points-to-tickets values is opposite where the ball return is located

– Includes nine red balls that are of similar quality to standard alley roller balls

– Large red numerical LED digit display shows the current score; smaller display shows number of balls

– Ticket dispenser included

– Uses a single slot coin mechanism; card swipe ready

– Bay Tek’s Fireball Fury is no longer produced, having been replaced by newer Skeeball game models. Please call us about availability. All used models pass through PrimeTime Amusement’s “Certified Pre-Owned” program, which guarantees that the game will be completely refurbished and ready to operate upon arrival.

– An overhead jackpot marquee was also produced for banked units but availability will vary



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