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Fantastic Prize [4-player]



Offer Up To Four Fabulous Prizes
Installed Dimensions: H: 83″ W: 83.5″ D: 26″ Weight:  750lbs.
Shipping Dimensions:
Cabinet 1: 29″ x 45″ x 87″
Cabinet 2: 29″ x 45″ x 87″
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: UNIS



Do you want to win a fantastic prize? Well of course you do!

Fantastic Prize is a cutter merchandizer game where players insert a credit then push and hold the button down to make the scissor mechanism forward. Once you release the button, the cutter stops and scissors a cut. If it stops and the blades go where the string is, it may cut the string. It also might miss or it might only partially cut the string, and players have to try again.

This listing is for the 4-player model, where four cabinets work as one, sharing a marquee. This maximizes earnings potential beyond the available 2-player model. LEDs offer a strong, eye-grabbing contrast against the black cabinet.

UNIS’ Fantastic Prize [4-player] Features

– High contrast cabinet with a black finish

– Bright RGB LEDs

– Cutter merchandizer – play for one giant prize

– Place big plush or another large item

– Secure door access but easy to replace the strings

– Four player cabinets

– Mirrored back

– Single button operation

– Large marquee that covers both cabinets

– Coin or card swipe compatible

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