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Emoji Party



Win Prizes By Playing With Emojis!
Installed Dimensions: H:89″ W: 34″ D:66″ Weight: 750lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: CALL
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: UNIS




Joining UNIS’ Emoji Roller redemption game is this prize merchandizer, Emoji Party!

The basic concept of Emoji Party is similar to a coin pusher, where users push the single button to release a ball. Balls fall onto a a rotating bridge platform which can direct the ball into one of 3 prize slots (marked x1, x2 and x3) that are located on both sides of the platform. If the ball falls into an x1 slot, one prize will be ejected out onto the pusher playfield below; x2 will dispense 2 prizes, and x3 will dispense 3. Any prizes at the edge of the playfield will fall to the prize box below, where the user can grab them! Great for small prizes/toys, capsules, mini-boxes, even candy! Each Emoji Party cabinet also comes with two player stations to keep earnings strong!

UNIS’ Emoji Party Features:

– Officially licensed from “emoji – the iconic brand.”
– Features various iconic emoji faces, the same that every social network & app uses
– Bright LED lighting and attractive marquee
– Easy & fun game play that uses a single-button press
– Two player stations
– Banner LED sub-marquee with scrolling graphics
– Mechanised, screw-head shaped bridge w/ integrated LEDs
– Self-reloading mechanism for the balls
 – Mechanism pusher platform
– Supports a variety of prizes, including candy
 – Digital music & sounds
-Coin or card swipe compatible

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