• eClaw 600 Series crane 2 player by Elaut

eClaw 600 Series

Attractive LED Cabinets With 300,000 colors
Installed Dimensions:
2 Player Model: H 83″, W 47.5″, D 42″ Weight: 595 lbs.
3 Player Model: H 83″, W 70″, D 42″ Weight: 838 lbs.
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Elaut USA


(picture above: 2-player model with Winners Gallery LCD option installed)

eClaw 600

The eClaw 600 Series of crane machines by Elaut are sure to be a showstopper in any location where they are installed!

Using Elaut’s patented LED lighting system, these do a perfect job at attracting players beyond the prizes inside. Each player side uses a translucent front with multi-color LEDs behind that are capable of producing over 300,000 colors. You can set the color of the machine to a single tone at any time or have it constantly cycle through colors!

This is also built on Elaut’s highly reliable “IntraXion” control system, made with the operator in mind. Designed for low maintenance and high operation, the gantry knows where it is at all times, making corrections as needed. The gantry also does not use micro-switches and is easy to remove if needed. Different sizes of claws can be installed to accommodate different prizes With a vandal resistant front, a locked cash box and ample storage space inside of the machine, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t get one of these cranes earlier!

The eClaw 600 series is available in 1,2 and 3 player models.

Elaut’s eClaw 600 Series Cranes Feature:

– Patented LED light show that is operator adjustable

– Durable IntraXion control system means less downtime and higher earnings

– Joystick OR push button controls

– Lockable Cash Box inside of the drawer; illuminated drawer provides extra storage space

– Different claw sizes available (please request at time of order)

– Ships with a multicoin mechanism; DBA or card swipe ready. May also be replaced with a coin comparator.

Additional Options

– Illuminated Side Header & Panel (600 & 900 models only)

– Superstructure (top of the machine superstructure)

– Ticket dispenser for “mercy tickets”

– Winners Gallery LCD + camera system


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