• Crazy Cuckoo quick coin redemption game by Sega Amusements

Crazy Cuckoo


Quick Coin Fun With A Cuckoo Clock!
Installed Dimensions: H: 82″, W: 43″, D: 36″ Weight: 344lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: H: 87″ W: 48″ D: 42″ Weight: 595lbs.
Electrical: 110V
Condition: Certified Pre-Owned
Manufacturer: Sega Amusements

Crazy Cuckoo by Sega Amusements is a ticket redemption game for kids that is shaped like an antique cuckoo clock.

Playing is a simple but fun task for players of all ages. Roll your coin down the chute and through the win hole on the swinging pendulum to enter the cuckoo clock and release the cuckoo bird.  This in turn allows to win more tickets and maybe…just maybe…the Bonus Jackpot! If you miss, you still can win ticket amounts of lesser values.

Sega Amusements Crazy Cuckoo Features:

– Great theme that is appealing to players of all ages

– Aesthetic modeled after antique cuckoo clocks

– Quick coin excitement that always garners additional replays

– Swinging pendulum target creates a challenge

– Clock mechanism in the backbox shows ticket values and multipliers

– Red numerical 4-digit LED display shows the current jackpot bonus

– Operator adjustable settings and difficulty

– Ships with a standard coin mechanism for quarters or tokens (please specify)

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