• Slam Dunk crane machine by Elaut USA

Cosmic Slam Dunk


Basketball Themed
Installed Dimensions: H 81.5″, W 47″, D 51.5″ Weight: 551lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Elaut USA

Give this crane a go and you’ll really feel like you hit a ‘Slam Dunk’ when you walk away with the prize – a real, pro-size basketball!

Created by high-end crane makers Elaut, the Slam Dunk belongs to their ‘Cosmic’ series of cranes, using the same internal mechanisms and electronics to produce a top quality crane. Each Slam Dunk comes with themed graphics for top and back of the unit, a prize hole with a realistic basketball hoop, Elaut’s latest and greatest LED running light technology, and a specially designed 3-finger claw to pick up the basketballs with. Whether your customer is a rookie or the next Magic Johnson, they’ll want to give Slam Dunk a try!

Elaut USA’s Slam Dunk Features:

– Design based off of Elaut’s popular family of crane machines

– ‘Double wide’ size crane is both attractive and able to hold full-size 9″ basketballs

– Simple-to-use two button controls

– Specially designed large claw was created just for grabbing basketballs

– Giant basketball hoop sits above the prize collection bin

– Uses Elaut’s famous multi-color LED technology

– Ships with a single slot electronic coin mechanism; ask about other options such as card swipe

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