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Coco Bowl



Catch The Coconuts To Win Tickets
Installed Dimensions: H: 118.5″ W:41″ D:51″ Weight: 683.5lbs
Shipping Dimensions: CALL
Electrical: 110V, 285W / 230V available
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Komuse USA



Falling coconuts are no danger in Coco Bowl by Komuse USA – they’re how you win tickets!

The Coco Bowl cabinet looks like a coconut palm found on a relaxing beach. After the game is credited, the coconuts (represented by orange balls) begin to fall onto the vertical playfield, which features numerous acrylic pins. This randomizes the bounce and direction of the balls, making every play exciting. The goal of the player is to catch as many balls as they can by using the large joystick to control the mitt inside. It just moves left or right, keeping things simple. The more balls you catch, the more tickets you win!

Komuse USA’s Coco Bowl Features:

– From the creators of redemption mega-hits like Power Roll!

– Attractive cabinet design made to look like a palm on a beach – great for any location whether near or far to a real beach!

– Intuitive, timeless gameplay that’s easy for both kids and adults to enjoy

– LED lighting throughout, including targeted use of multi-color lights

– Simple slider joystick controls

– Self-contained playfield system reloads balls; They never leave the machine

– Several numerical LED counters to show game info (Balls left; Credits; Tickets won, etc.)

– Bonus play for a mega ticket win (operator adjustable)

– Digital sounds & music

– Total Footprint: 14.38 sq. ft.

– 1x Ticket dispenser

– Compatible with coin or card swipe systems (please specify what you need when ordering)

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