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CC302 Compact / Portable Coin Counter

SKU: 571


Count Speed: 1800 pcs/minute
Dimensions: H 14″, W 9″, D 15″
Weight (lbs): 25
Condition: Excellent
Manufacturer: American Changer Corporation



Need a more efficient way to count or sort your coins? Then check out the CC-302 Coin Counter by American Changer.

This is a compact and portable coin counter designed to count both U.S coins and tokens. Thanks to the large upper bin, you can dump large amounts of coins into the machine pre-counting, which is great for locations that deal with thousands of quarters or tokens when collecting from the game or vending units. The CC-302 includes dials to adjust what size and thickness of coin you wish to count, full batch capabilities and features a (7) digit LED display to show coins counted in real time. With the ability to count 1800pcs per minute, you can sort them into bags or a different container with an adjustable nozzle that let’s you adapt to the situation at hand. A coin eject cup can be held to the right side of the machine as well.