• Carré 4-player crane by Elaut

Carré Crane 4 Player


1 to 4 Player Giant Crane Claw Machine
Installed Dimensions: H 79.5″, W 68″, D 68″ Weight: 880lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 120V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Elaut

The Carré by Elaut is the EX1 Quattro’s little brother. Great news for those who were thrilled with the Quattro’s income figures and are on the lookout for a new winner – and great news for those who haven’t enough space for the Quattro Crane.

Like Elaut USA’s other cranes, quality and durability are integral to each unit. This means tested electronics that result in more up-time for the operator, easy-to-adjust settings and a theme that draws players in like no other machines. This means big profits on your purchase!

The Carré crane is a four player machine that is a great “island” piece in any venue where it is placed. It features large viewports, allowing customers to easily see the prizes inside from any angle. Large plush is also a bigger attraction than the small stuff and thanks to the multiplayer ability, players will build the excitement as they try to compete for grabbing that prize!

Elaut’s Carré Crane Features:

– High quality Elaut electronics last longer and have fewer problems than ‘cheap’ cranes

– 4-players with one player station per side to maximum profits within the space

– 3-finger claw mechanisms with operator adjustable claw strength

– Perfect for large plush items

– Easy-to-use button controls

– Digital sounds player during the game and attract mode

– Ships with electronic coin mechanisms; DBA & card swipe ready

– Availability on this crane is very limited.

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