• Boxer Strong by Kalkomat

Boxer Strong


Your Boxing Machine Should Be Stronger Than Your Players!
Installed Dimensions: H: 88″ W: 27.5″ D: 49″ Weight: 275 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: H: 93″ W: 41″ D: 52″ Weight: 435 lbs.
Electrical: 110V @ 3.6A, 426 W
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Kalkomat

How do you improve on the tried-and-true boxing machine? By making it stronger! That’s exactly the case with the Boxer Strong by Kalkomat.

The core game is just what players expect when they approach a boxing game – hit the punching bag as hard as you can for the highest number of points. The Boxer Strong steps up by strengthening the cabinet with reinforced internal bracing, making for twice the durability compared to their other boxing machines. To keep things simple & effective, the Boxer Strong only features one game mode: Power

Here’s the Boxer Strong via manufacturer produced video

With great sound effects and several upgrade choices, this is a machine that will pay itself off quickly and earn for a long time.

Kalkomat’s Boxer Strong Features:

– Kalkomat’s most robust boxing machine ever

– Reinforced & thicker front panel & punching bag/bladder

– Single game mode (Power) keeps things simple & easy to use

– Single player only, but players can take turns as they like without the game tracking each player’s effort

– Large red numerical LED scoring display with smaller displays showing the player’s individual score

– Anti-theft & anti-vandalism systems to help keep it working in unattended locations

– Comes with a single electronic coin mech; DBA, card swipe compatible

Available Options – Please Call For Price

– Custom artwork

– Prize Capsule Dispenser. Vend small capsules for achieving certain scores.

– Ticket Dispenser. Vend different amounts of tickets for scores.

– Silencing Upgrade. Makes the machine less noisy which is better for certain venues like malls.

– Internet Modem. Access your machine’s statistics remotely. Will also allow for online competitions in the future.

– Dollar Bill Acceptor (DBA). The machine is also capable of handling TWO DBAs or a second coin mechanism.

– Protective machine cover.

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