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Since their conception, the coin-operated amusement device has been an incredible and “cool” device to have in your home or business. One of our specialties at PrimeTime Amusements is the placement and operation of such arcade/amusement arcade machines into existing businesses. If you have come across an arcade game room at a hotel, resort, or restaurant, we are the kind of company with expertise in designing & operating these rooms. We have been doing so since our inception and have almost 30 years of experience in game room operations.

Check out our satisfied clients list; some entities purchased the games from us, while others rented or had us as their operator.

Do not that operations are limited to specific geographic areas, mainly the state of Florida where our staff and our warehouses are located. We manage the arcades of a variety of sites in the state, from the McDonald’s on I-Drive in Orlando, to the sites at different resorts owned by Universal Studios Parks and many more. See the video above for a recent look at some of the sites.


Our most recent operation (Jan. 2022) just opened in Sanford, FL and is called Elev8 Fun Center. This concept is aiming to revitalize old malls by taking over large vacant spaces (usually left by department stores), and turning them into cutting edge fun centers. Elev8 will later be expanding into Tampa.

If you have an existing business and want someone else to put together a profitable game room for you, then give us a call. We can set up your space with titles both new and used, with a focus on what will bring in the most profits. Do note that all operators do have a revenue split, but our managers can figure out what works best for your situation so that we both benefit.

We also handle arcade game rentals as well as game sales. Please note that rentals are also not available nationwide, but mainly within the regions that Primetime Amusements can reach through a drive (Florida and parts of Georgia).

Do you have more questions or are you ready to make the most out of some empty space?

Call our friendly & knowledgeable sales staff for more information or email us here!