Arcade Game Room Financing


Whether you are considering entering the arcade amusements industry for the first time, or simply looking to expand your current game room or Family Entertainment Center, PrimeTime Amusements can assist in the realization of your goals. Get that hot new game without having to pay for it all up-front!

Scroll further down to see which current deals might be available (all upon credit approval).

Finance arcade equipment with PrimeTime Amusements

How Does The Process Work?

Financing is available for most products on our site, but there are a few exceptions (mainly in high-risk, high-value items like motion theaters and multiplayer Virtual Reality systems). We can even finance popular card systems!

Generally we recommend that you first contact our sales department to assist you in figuring out which products will work best for your situation. This also allows us to make the best recommendation for which partner to work with. Factors for determining approval vary, such as personal credit history, time in business, etc. replica Rolex GMT Master watches If you already know what you want, then that’s great too! In either situation, you will need a quote from us that one of our partners can use for the approval process. Approval times will vary, but generally you can expect to be hear back within 24-48 hours.  Do note that we do not offer financing for residential customers at this time, solely for commercial entities within the United States and Canada.

Once we have a quote in place, you will need to contact one of our authorized finance companies. We currently work with three different companies to furnish financing for our clients:

For US Commercial Customers:

LEAF Commercial Capital

LEAF Commercial Leasing

Click on the flyer below, which has details on the process with LEAF Capital (formerly known as Vend Lease) and a link to their application.

Contact: Jay Laufenberg, (610) 608-2007

Simple & affordable financing through LEAF/VendLease – Starting Point Flyer [PDF]



UniVest Capital offers financing for commercial U.S. customers. Minimum approval amount: $5,000.

Contact: 877.723.5571

Click here to find the UniVest Online Application!

For Canadian commercial customers:


Financing available for customers in both the USA and Canada!

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Click here to learn more about Hampton Ridge Financial, use their payment calculator and to apply!



Financing available for customers in Canada! Contact: Matt Roland, 1-800-942-9830 ext. 254

Click here to apply for financing online through Lease Process!

Once approved, we then will need to provide a shipping quote on the equipment and with your final approval, get the order placed and on its way! Payments will not be handled through Primetime Amusements, but through the financing company.

Current Deals

August 2021

Arcade equipment manufacturers often team up with different financing companies to offer some amazing deals for those who are in operation. Grabbing new equipment may seem counter-intuitive when times are tough, but this is a great way to refresh your game floor and provide a new experience to people who have grown tired of the same options at home.

No special manufacturer deals at this time – Check back for updates!



Once you receive the terms, carefully read through the lease that will be provided to you for signing. These constitute a legally binding contract with the partner and not PrimeTime Amusements. All financed equipment is NON-REFUNDABLE & NON-RETURNABLE. If there is damage to the equipment in shipping or some other fault occurs during normal operation, our sales and technical support departments will work with you to resolve those issues.

We’re here to help! If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please give us a call! 1.800.550.0090 / Email: [email protected]