• Willy Crash Mini by Bay Tek Entertainment

Willy Crash Mini

Will He Crash? Or Won’t He? Now In A Smaller Cabinet
Installed Dimensions: H: 95″ W: 34″ D: 48″ Weight: 300lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Weight: 360lbs.
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Bay Tek Entertainment

Prepare to become a “human cannonball” in Willy Crash Mini by Bay Tek Entertainment! The difference with this model – it’s smaller! This means BIG fun with a small footprint.

Willy Crash is a hilarious take on the high energy life of a fearless daredevil, where players are in control of the TNT-packed cannon that launches Willy into the sky and towards one of the buildings in the city. Detonate the TNT plunger by pushing down on the realistic TNT plunger, aiming for the tops of the buildings for the big ticket scores! If he makes it on one of the marked rooftops, Willy will boogie down in a lively bonus celebration! Miss, and he will hilariously crash into a number of cringe-worthy, bone breaking interactive obstacles. Can losing be as much fun as winning? It just might be, in this case!

Here is Willy Crash Mini, as shown in this manufacturer produced video. 

Bay Tek Entertainment’s Willy Crash Mini Features:

– Same big gameplay as it’s cousin, just in a compact cabinet

– Become a human cannonball as you take aim for the rooftops to win tickets

– Brilliant cabinet design that features iconic Evil Knievl-style “daredevil” imagery and a light-up cannon

– “Willy” marquee can be removed for low height ceiling locations (6′ 9″ tall w/o)

– “TNT Box” style control panel with giant handle plunger that is easy to use

– Multi-color RGB LEDs add to the attraction

– The fun graphics are shown on a 32″ HD LCD Display

– Simple gameplay is just as fun to lose at as it is to win thanks to the physics-based play

– Operator adjustable game settings including ticket payouts

Ticket Dispenser included; e-ticket compatible

– Coin or card swipe compatible

– Also available as a free app on iOS/Android devices to further market the arcade version

Check out the full sized model by clicking here.

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