• The Vegas Sensation by Jennison Entertainment Technologies

The Vegas Sensation


Six Player Coin Pusher With A Ritzy Vegas Theme
Installed Dimensions: H: 114″, W: 72″, D: 72″ Weight: 1100lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 110 / 220 V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Jennison Entertainment Technologies


Add the Glitz & the Glamour Of The Vegas Strip to your location with The Vegas Sensation by Jennison Entertainment Technologies.

As a 6-player coin pusher, the game packs in all of the color and lighting that you would expect to find in a high-end Vegas casino.The spinning topper marquee features giant lit cards, dice and casino chips while directly beneath that are multi-color dot matrix displays for showing eye catching animations. Artwork showing glamorous Vegas showgirls and the iconic Vegas city logo adorn the coin insertion area above the pusher bays. Inside the game, the theme of a casino continues, with a roulette wheel appears to ‘spin’ thanks to chasing LED lights.

Watch the Las Vegas Sensation in action from our visit to IAAPA 2012

Insert your coins using the swivel coin slot (letting you ‘aim’ your coin), timing the release of said coin so that it falls into the Roulette Bonus wheel and stops the rotating light on a certain value of tickets. If the player gets the timing perfect, they will win the Jackpot Bonus. This bonus is operator adjustable and is constantly displayed on the overhead-rotating marquee.

Jennison Entertainment’s The Vegas Sensation Features:

– 6-player coin pushers are often some of the best earning games in any venue

– Highly detailed, spinning marquee topper with 3D sculpted ‘Vegas’ items & neon lighting

– Three multi-color dot matrix displays show present jackpot value

– Roulette wheel bonus feature

– Aim your coins using the swivel coin mechanism; 6 included with each unit

– Includes 6 Ticket Dispensers with Coin Payout Option

– Red numerical LED digital displays show each stations current payout

–  Available configured as either Coin / Token In > Ticket Out, Coin In > Coin Out or Coin In > Token Out


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