• The Prize Aquarium by Andamiro

The Prize Aquarium


The Interactive Prize Capsule Vending Machine
Installed Dimensions: H: 80″ W: 30″ D: 40″ Weight: 320lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Please call
Electrical: 110V @ 270W
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Andamiro USA


What do you get when you combine the theme of an aquarium, gravity and great prizes? You get Andamiro’s Prize Aquarium!

The Prize Aquarium is an entertaining gravity-based game that invites patrons to test their timing reflexes to win prizes. Using a single button control, the player applies skill to time the release of a loaded prize capsule, with the object of dropping it through a moving target hole below. There are three target holes that are part of a revolving prize wheel; when a capsule is dropped from the overhead loading tube into one of the openings, the winner can retrieve their prize through the product door. A missed capsule, which drains through a centrally located exit on the prize wheel, is automatically returned to the overhead storage bin.

By using this self-contained, instant redemption machine design, The Prize Aquarium is ideal for both gameroom and street locations. It supports the 4” vending capsule format, a popular size for amusement machine applications. The 4” capsule accommodates a wide variety of novelties, enabling operators to offer their customers value. And the capsule itself is the central part of Prize Aquarium’s simple one-button gameplay. This can fit toys, small plush or the ever popular rolls of tickets!

Check out The Prize Aquarium as seen at IAAPA 2018! Video available in 4K UHD!

Note: Andamiro USA has the exclusive marketing and sales rights to this product and does not condone a variety of copycat products that have been seen on the market in recent times.

Andamiro USA’s The Prize Aquarium Features:

– Unique and licensed interactive large capsule vending machine
– Vends 4″ prize capsules that can have any fitting prize installed
– Interactive, skill-based gameplay – just time the drops right!
– Single button gameplay – press once to start the wheel moving, a second time to drop the prize
– Three target holes
– Automatic prize reloading system
– Transparent overhead storage bin
– Perfect for street and gameroom locations
– The capsules can hold rolls of tickets too!
– Coin operated; card swipe capable

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