• Storm Racer G Motion Deluxe Arcade Game

Storm Racer G Motion Deluxe


Drive Down Harrowing Mountain Passes With Accurate Motion
Installed Dimensions: H: 89″ W: 48″ D: 89″ Weight: 992lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Ships in 3 parts
#1 (Screen) – H:74″ W:50″ D:31″ Weight: 573lbs.
#2 (Seat) – H:59″ W:45″ D:61″ Weight: 551lbs.
#3 (Light box) – H:22″ W:49″ D:22″ Weight: 66lbs.
Electrical: 110v / 1760W / 16A
Condition: New
Manufacturer: SEGA Amusements



Financing Available Through A Primetime Amusements Financing Partner

Sega Amusements has brought another fresh face to the arcade racing simulator arena – Storm Racer G Motion Deluxe!

Storm Racer G is the sequel to Storm Racer that was first released in 2011. Taking their experience from that game, they have enhanced the formula to provide a solid and fun racing game that feels much like Namco’s Ridge Racer. Players drive through mountain regions and the occasional town along the way, in a bid to defeat their rivals and go home with a 1st place finish Storm Racer G sports excellent graphics, easy to use controls with strong force feedback features, a camera/avatar system and features enough content to bring players back for more.

Check out Storm Racer G DLX from its appearance at IAAPA 2017. Video available in 4K UHD.

With the motion deluxe version, InJoy Motion has developed an innovative air bladder motion system that reduces motion simulator costs while improving reliability and maintaining the feel of smooth motion.

Sega Amusements’ Storm Racer G Features:

– AMAZING price for a motion simulator game!

– Arcade exclusive – Not only is the game not coming to any home gaming device, you can’t recreate those motion effects on console!

– Cutting edge motion base system reduces costs over traditional electrical motion systems while increasing reliability

– 60 Frames Per Second graphics on a 1280x720p 42″ screen. Fantastic lighting/shadow effects also enhance the look

– “Automatic Mode” is available for beginners while expert players can choose “Drift Mode”

– The sense of racing speed is intact as you zoom from checkpoint to checkpoint over a certain number of laps

– Unlockable cars and tracks means incentive to play again! 12 total tracks (6 hidden) and 14 total cars (7 hidden)

– Controls: Force feedback steering wheel; gas/brake pedal; Throttle control to activate boosts; Emergency Stop Motion Button

– Multi-color LED lighting effects produce a great light show that doesn’t go too over-the-top in drawing attention to the game

– 4.1ch sound system pumps the excitement of the race with clarity and arcade-quality feedback

– Link up to 8 units locally and create a racing attraction for your venue!

– Comes with a single coin slot w/ coin comparator. It is compatible with card swipe systems

Additional Video Footage

Check out our look at Storm Racer G Deluxe from IAAPA 2015

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