Sports Shooting USA


2 Player shooting game with unique “laser sight” guns!
Installed Dimensions: Monitor Section: H: 77″, W: 30″, D: 37″ Weight: 260 lbs.
(“Showcase” Models with a larger 33″ screen may also be available)
Condition: Excellent
Manufacturer: Sammy Corporation


Sports Shooting USA by Sammy offers Head-to-Head Sports Shooting Competition like only arcades can provide! As a video shooting gallery game, players begin by selecting from 4 different skill divisions : Training, Marksman, Precision, or Speed. You then select your weapon division and the game shows you the rules for the event. Qualify with enough points within a certain time limit and move on to the next event.

What really stands out with this game are the pistols. The clear plastic “Sammy Scope Gun” features a Laser sight that aids the player in getting accurate shots. The game also has an Auto reload feature with a Manual reload option available.

What Makes Sports Shooting USA Special?

– Never released for home consoles or mobile.

– Over 100 different events to play.

– Unique “Sammy Scope Gun” pistols have a clear plastic shell and a “laser” sight in the scope (not a real laser but it makes aiming a breeze).

– Powered by Sammy’s versatile Atomiswave hardware platform (modified Sega Dreamcast hardware).

– Quick tutorials plus voice overs help new users know exactly what to do.

– Great replay value as players will want to beat their previous scores or play against a friend to see who is best.

– All units are fully refurbished meaning that they will be ready to operate once it arrives at your location. With a 30 day warranty on all used games, you can buy with peace of mind.

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