• Skee-Ball Carnival model by Bay Tek Entertainment

Skee-Ball Carnival


Refresh Your Midway With Modern Skee-Ball!
Installed Dimensions: H:64″ W: 30″ D: 168″ Weight: 720lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: CALL; Weight: 840lbs.
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Skee-Ball Amusements / Bay Tek Entertainment


It’s not a real carnival without a row of Skee-Ball machines, but it has been a long time since an easy solution was created just for the traveling amusement group. Enter in the new Skee-Ball Carnival by Bay Tek Entertainment!

While many carnivals have existing trailers dedicated to Skee-Ball, many of the lanes are over 30 years old and are showing their age. Replacing parts is a frequent hassle. The Skee-Ball Carnival has been designed to address this challenge, offering updated technology and a higher quality build than ever before. New features include a color LED display built into the marquee, LED beacons and real bells to alert winners, and durable marine-grade plywood to prevent molding and rotting while holding up to the beating they tend to take on the fairway. All carnival units also feature enhanced LED rail lighting for night-time operation, which includes a striking new “ball-chase” function where bright lighting follows the ball as it rolls up the alley way!

The basic game hasn’t changed, meaning that players of all ages can approach it and instantly know what to do. This makes it ideal for banking several units together, allowing large groups of fair goers the opportunity to compete for the giant prizes that can be conveniently hung from your existing canopy structure.

NOTE: This listing and any price quoted does NOT include the pictured trailer. It is ONLY for the individual lanes.

Bay Tek Entertainment’s Skee-Ball Carnival Model Features:

– An iconic brand renews an equally iconic piece for any carnival midway

– Timelessly classic gameplay that both kids and adults can understand and enjoy

– Specially designed for the rigors of carnival use, featuring marine-grade plywood cabinet design

– Vibrant color LED display shows score and messages to drive play

– LED rail lights are tied to a “ball-chase” sensor system

– LED beacons to indicate the current leader and winner

– Real metal bells to produce that distinct midway sound for winners

– Acrylic box covers the score area to prevent balls from falling into another lane or outside the game

– Coin-operated or free play available.

Available Options – Call For Price

– “100” score targets for higher possible scores

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