• Ship Wreck by Raw Thrills and ICE

Ship Wreck


Throw The Cannonballs, Win Tickets
Installed Dimensions: H: 113″ W: 94″ D: 104″ Weight: 600lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: TBA
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (ICE)

Ahoy thar, mateys. Here be a pirate-themed game by the name of Ship Wreck, designed by the high seas trekkers at Raw Thrills and ICE.

Ship Wreck is a video redemption game that uses elements from a ball toss carnival game to control the fun. Each purple ball represents a cannonball from your ship, which needs to be thrown into the 4×4 target grid below the screen. The goal is similar to bingo – line up four shots in a row (straight across, down or diagonally) to win the bigger ticket bonuses. To land the biggest bonus, the player must get a 4-in-a-row on their 4th toss – the fewer ball tosses made, the more tickets are rewarded. This sinks the enemy ship and the player walks away a big winner!

The game uses one large screen separated into 3 player stations. Each station can come with a cushioned seat to incentivize additional play.

Check out Ship Wreck from its debut at IAAPA 2021. Video available in 4K UHD; Subscribe to us on YouTube for hundreds of arcade product videos in the best quality around!

ICE’s Ship Wreck Features

– An exciting high seas adventure built for ticket redemption

– Developed by Play Mechanix & Raw Thrills for ICE

– Easy to understand and play, but difficult to master

– 3 player stations with game instructions printed on each panel

– The game vends 8/9 balls (can be adjusted by the operator)

– 4×4 sensor & target grid for balls to go into; Auto-clears at the end of a round

– Foul line sensor to prevent cheating

– 3D graphics are displayed on a large 75″ HD screen

– Attractive sea-themed marquee

– Stool seating with LED lighting

– Coin or card swipe compatible

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