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Pogo Jump [Elite Park Model]


Virtual Alley Bowling Fun In A Mini Theme Park Package
Installed Dimensions [4P UNIT]: H: 118″ W:197″ D: 197″ Weight: 1102lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: CALL
Electrical: 110/220V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Universal Space (UNIS)



Bounce your way to a high score in Pogo Jump by UNIS, a fun and innovative way to exercise and play at the same time!

The base game of Pogo Jump is simple – Using the trampoline pad, jump to make your on-screen character jump. Sensors detect the intensity of each bounce and translates that into the game. Race the course while collecting items for points and/or tickets. A safety handlebar is located in front of each station so that players can maintain their balance.

Elite Park designs take the game a step further, by combining four units into one unified piece. A giant backdrop and marquee are covered with bright, yellow artwork, while fencing is placed around the area to help keep things organized. Pogo Jump models also come with four or six player stations, all linked together.  Finally, an online leaderboard kiosk is included, that can be placed directly outside of one of the two entrances. With this kiosk, operators can easily setup tournaments, and capture the “eSports” fever.

The game is available as a single cabinet that can be linked to others, if a location wishes to have only 1-2 units or want the more traditional arcade setup.

UNIS’ Pogo Jump Elite Park Model Features:

– A fresh take on exergaming that works for kids and adults alike

– Perfect for trampoline parks, indoor playgrounds, sporting venues and FECs

– Bright artwork adorns the enclosure structure that will capture attention in any venue

– Four or six player stations for multiplayer excitement (call for pricing)

– Controls: Small form factor trampoline controllers; Padded handle-bar for balance

– Thick padding around each station for additional safety

– Fitness Mode tracks workout progress in terms of calories burned

– Cute graphics displayed on a 55″ vertically oriented monitor

– RGB LED bezels for both the monitors and enclosure structure

– Safety perimeter fencing

– Note that the game software is titled “All Star Pogo,” while structure art will show “Pogo Jump”

Available Options – Please Call For Price

– Custom enclosure and/or fence panel art

– Custom layout (all units can be side-by-side or pairs of units can be placed back-to-back)

– Coin-operation kiosk (NOTE: The game will come as a non-coin/swipe game unless you add this!)

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