• Pogo Jump Deluxe by UNIS

Pogo Jump DX


Virtual Pogo Stick Racing Fun!
Installed Dimensions: TBA
Shipping Dimensions: CALL
Electrical: 110/220V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Universal Space (UNIS)

Bounce your way to a high score in All-Star Pogo Jump by UNIS, a fun and innovative way to exercise and play at the same time!

The base game of Pogo Jump is simple – Using the commercial-grade trampoline pad, jump to make your on-screen character move and bounce. Sensors detect the intensity of each bounce and translates that into the game. Race the course while collecting items like coins for points and/or tickets. A safety handlebar is located in front of each station so that players can maintain their balance.

This is a great way to stay fit while having fun, and while it is mainly targeted towards kids, it also works for teens and adults too!

UNIS’ All-Star Pogo Jump DX Features:

– A fresh take on exergaming that works for kids and adults alike

– Perfect for arcades, trampoline parks, indoor playgrounds, sporting venues and FECs

– Impressive & giant cabinet design grabs attention in any venue

– Controls: Small form factor trampoline controllers; Padded handle-bar for balance

– Thick padding and rails around each station for additional safety

– Fitness Mode tracks workout progress in terms of calories burned

– Cute graphics displayed on a 55″ vertically oriented monitor

– RGB LED bezels for both the monitors and enclosure structure

– Link up to eight units

– Note that the game software is titled “All Star Pogo,” while the marquee art will show “Pogo Jump”

– Comes with a standard coin-door kiosk; Compatible with smart card systems

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