Peacock CD Jukebox


Dual 3-Way Sound System for “Live” performance sound
Dimensions: Height: 61″, Width: 33.5″, Depth: 27″
Weight (lbs): 345
Condition: Excellent
Manufacturer: ROCK-OLA

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Many jukebox collectors consider the Peacock as the most elegant of the “Nostalgic Bubbler” Series. The Peacock’s custom printed arch panels and molded hardwood crown and shoulders create and exotic and luxurious look. With handmade USA craftsmanship, the front door is finished in rare woods, and the top crown, shoulders, pilaster supports and even the base of this fine jukebox are carved out of hardwood.

The Peacock is a “top of the line” jukebox and includes (4) Bubble Tubes, rotating colors in dual side columns, along with (2) more Bubble Tubes that are positioned in the Art Deco “Lotus Motif” grille create an incredible “polarization of light” effect in which every feather in the Peacock plumes change color independently from the feather next to it ! The rare beauty of the Peacock is equaled only by its sound quality – This baby will “sing” all your favorite songs, with its 450 Watt RMS Amplifier.