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On Point [Elite Park Model]


Turn Your Location Into An ESports Destination!
Installed Dimensions: TBA
Shipping Dimensions: TBA
Electrical: 110/220V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Universal Space (UNIS)



Hone your shooting skills with the most realistic target practice simulator on the market with ON POINT by Taito Corp. and UNIS. This listing is for the Elite Park Model, which ups the ante on features and spectacle to make for the perfect FEC piece!

For the game itself, On Point does for airsoft pistols what ax throwing did for Family Entertainment Centers. Players take control of a real airsoft gun, which is used to fire at the virtual targets that appear on-screen. The pellets are detected by a sensor net, and slowed by a protective soft plastic barrier in front of the game monitor. These are then fed back into the machine, which uses air to reload the gun. You also get a realistic kickback when pulling the trigger, with the guns being far more advanced in their feel than you get with a typical arcade light-gun.

A variety of galleries are available, found in these different modes: 301 Darts; Breakables; & Police Trainer. Each gallery challenges you in a different way than the other, but you are scored on your technical ability, speed and combos to receive a grade at the end of each round. But while single player is great to challenge yourself, it’s more exciting to play against a friend…or two…or three! On Point allows operators to link up to 6 units, creating an effective airsoft arena in their arcade!

Elite Park Models combine multiple On Point units together with a large enclosure structure that serves as the larger “cabinet” for the game, turning it into a self-contained airsoft gun range. Artwork and fencing bring it all together. You can feature 4 (two twin cabinets) or 6 (three twin cabinets) together, with each pair coming with a smaller enclosure that helps contain any ricocheting BBs. Finally, an online leaderboard kiosk is included, that can be placed directly outside of one of the two entrances. With this kiosk, operators can easily setup tournaments, and capture the “eSports” fever.

Check out the standard On Point game from its debut at IAAPA Expo 2019. Note that it was called “GunArena” at the show. We will have video of the Elite Park Model as soon as in-person trade shows can take place again. Video available in 4K UHD; subscribe to us on YouTube to stay up-to-date with the latest product videos!

Taito & UNIS’ On Point [Elite Park Model] Features:

– A realistic airsoft shooting experience that is only found in arcades

– Comes with a full enclosure structure to draw attention to the game; Ask about customized artwork

– Setup with 4 or 6 units (pricing varies, call for details)

– Leaderboard kiosk is online enabled and comes with tournament software

– Developed by Taito, Youngbae and NatsumeAtari, published outside of Japan by UNIS

– Each unit comes with a real airsoft pistol that is powered by air, providing for a real kickback; automatic reload fed via attached tube

– Safety sensors detect whether or not the gun is pointing at the screen or elsewhere; deactivates the gun if not pointed at the screen

– Soft plastic barrier is placed in front of the monitor to prevent damage & slow pellets down to be reclaimed into the system

– 4 single player games (Bullseye – Crusher – Score Attack – Steelshot) and 4 multiplayer games (301 – 501 – Cricket – Mission Fight)

– Graphics are displayed on a vertically mounted 55″ monitor

– Powered by Taito’s Type X4 hardware

– Easily operate eSports tournaments using the built-in software

– Operator options include a calibration sequence to ensure best gun accuracy

– Safety enclosure structure for each pair of units

– Air compressor with each unit to provide needed air flow

– Comes with a standard coin door; card swipe compatible

Available Options – Please Call For Price

– Custom enclosure art

– Coin-operation kiosk (NOTE: The game will come as a non-coin/swipe game unless you add this!)

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