• Key 2 Win merchandiser by Sega Amusements

Key 2 Win


Do You Have The Skill To Unlock The Prize?
Installed Dimensions: H: 87″ W: 39″ D: 32″ Weight: TBA
Shipping Dimensions: CALL
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Sega Amusements

Every major success enjoys a follow-up, and with the Key 2 Win Master by Komuse & Sega, see how they’ve improved on the legendary KeyMaster to revitalize your merchandiser business!

The Key 2 Win elevates the concept that KeyMaster employed, first with a hot new look that uses vibrant LEDs within each prize lock cut-out. This simple enhancement raises the appeal of the the machine, especially in busy & bright arcades where every machine is now doing something to call attention to itself. The machine still has fifteen (15) prize positions, with 3 rows of five, but in an effort to throw adept players for a loop, not all of the keyholes are the same shape! Where the game is also 100% skill-based, this means you’ll need to be much more attentive when going for that desired prize!

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Sega Amusements’ Key 2 Win Features:

– Sequel to the wildly popular KeyMaster family of games

– 100% skill-based merchandiser machine

– Enhanced cabinet look with multi-color LEDs backlighting the marquee

– 15 prize positions; each keyhole is lit using bright LEDs

– Stay alert! Not all keyholes are cut-out the same

– Easy to control – use the joystick to move the key left or right; push and hold button for vertical movement.

– Three prize levels allows operators to offer great variety

– Easy and fast to refill

– Large “Prize Out” bay

– High security steel cabinet with additional cabinet lock loop

– Digital sounds and music play during attract and/or gameplay

– Comes with two coin slots; DBA or card swipe ready

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