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Jurassic Park Pin [Home Model]


Bring The Park Home – Without Real Dinosaurs
Installed Dimensions: H: 75.5″ W: 27″ D: 55″ Weight: 250lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: H: 56″ W: 31″ D: 31″ Weight: 280lbs.
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Stern Pinball

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Confront the dangers of Jurassic Park with Stern Pinball’s modern take on the franchise. This listing is a special model designed specifically for home buyers!

The Jurassic Park Pin is crafted to take you into the terrifying world of the hit 1993 film that was directed by Steven Spielberg, but it takes a very different path from the commercial models that were made for arcades. This particular unit was designed by Jack Danger, the popular pinball streaming personality and star player. He has created a wholly new layout for this release, which maintains some similarities to the Pro model of the game, while offering a different route for home buyers to enjoy.  Here, you are focused on evacuating dinosaurs and restoring power to the park.

These changes include a ball spitting 3D sculpted T-Rex, the Raptor pit, drop targets, metal and wire ramps, a control orbit gate, ball shooter and auto launch, Newton and captive ball, 2 ricochet target shots, escape Nublar & restore power Wizard modes, 3 different multiballs, CHAOS and DNA spell outs, and the iconic John Williams Jurassic Park music.

Here’s the Jurassic Park Pin features, as demonstrated by Stern Pinball in this specially made video. 

Stern Pinball’s Jurassic Park Pin Features:

– Licensed from Universal Studios and based upon the beloved 1993 film that was an adaptation of the classic novel by Michael Crichton.

– Attractive theme to people of all ages – adults have fond memories of the 90s films, kids always love dinosaurs

– Specially made for home buyers – It does NOT feature any coin mechanisms nor wiring

– Designed by Jack Danger of Dead Flip Pinball

– Major Targets/Toys: 3D Sculpted, interactive T-Rex that will spit balls back!

– 2 metal ramps with wireforms; Includes a cool “jump ramp” in the back of the game

– 2 flipper game and simple flow to keep home players engaged

– 3 different multiball modes

–  Small score and animation display to show off 3D rendered scenes

–  John Williams’ iconic Jurassic theme music

Follows Star Wars for home pin models

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