• Hologate VR turnkey virtual reality attraction

Hologate Virtual Reality Gaming System


The “Original” Multiplayer VR Arena Experience
Installed Dimensions: H: 9′ W: 5′ D: 5′ (minimum)
Shipping Dimensions: CALL
Electrical: 2x 16A circuits required; 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Hologate


Are you ready to jump into the Virtual Reality arena? Then check out the Hologate VR gaming system, a turn-key solution to providing VR attractions at Family Entertainment Centers and other amusement locations.

Hologate VR systems provide a turnkey and proven solution to location-based entertainment facilities, while also providing a platform for social multiplayer. Most VR experiences are single-player focused, but Hologate provides immersive fun for up to four people at a time! The installations take up around 270 sq. ft of space, allowing them to fit into a wide variety of venues – arcades, FECs, malls, indoor playgrounds, movie theater lobbies, laser tag arenas, casinos, trampoline parks, and more!

The system was designed to operate using only a single attendant. It has an intuitive touchscreen interface, a modular design to “future proof” it against outdated hardware, and engages bystanders with the several video output screens attached to the structure.

Hologate also works with a variety of experienced professional partners to produce a variety of new and exclusive content that is not available on other VR platforms. They have also provided licensed games, including Angry Birds and World of Tanks. This ensures that the game experiences that your users will enjoy cannot be played at home or on a phone – clients have to come to your location to enjoy them!

Check out a quick overview of the Hologate experience thanks to this manufacturer produced video.

The Hologate VR Attraction Features:

– The Original Virtual Reality Arena experience, designed for commercial, location-based entertainment (LBE) venues.

– Over 300 systems installed around the world to date, with more than 2 million total plays

– Only needs one attendant to manage; supports up to four players at one time for 40 players per hour throughput

– Link two systems together for 8-player experiences! Also uses Teamspeak player communication

– High-quality, tethered VR headsets and PCs, driving 90FPS graphics. This ensures a lagfree experience to diminish any vertigo effects that some users experience.

– Haptic blasters & feedback vests for improved immersion – no heavy backpacks or battery swapping to worry about!

– Wide-variety of unique game software that spans genres to appeal to the broadest audience possible. Games are rated E, T and M (Everyone, Teen and Mature)

– Licensed games you can add include Angry Birds and World of Tanks (may be an extra cost)

– Spectator TVs allows bystanders to see what the players are seeing.

– Central stand for holding controllers

– LED backlit lightshows helps draw consumers further in

– Turnkey installation and 24/7 service and support to ensure a smooth operational experience

– This unit is not coin/dollar operated and does require an attendant.

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