• Golden Tee 2021 32" Fun company Edition by Incredible Technologies and Fun Company

Golden Tee 2021 Upright Cabinet 32″


Get Golden Tee In A Traditional Style Arcade Cabinet
Installed Dimensions: H: 60″ W: 34″ D: 34″ Weight: 220lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: PLEASE CALL
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Fun Company / Incredible Technologies

The king of virtual golf keeps it’s crown with the release of Golden Tee 2021, the latest in the long line of golfing games from Incredible Technologies. The software is the same as the Golden Tee 2021 LIVE as found in the “Showcase” models, just presented in this all-in-one, upright, coin-operated cabinet design.

Building upon their years of experience, Golden Tee 2021 offers plenty for both seasoned fans and newcomers to enjoy. It provides the same gaming experience as its predecessors, while throwing in new courses, modes, and other improvements that will keep players coming back for more. To play, take control of the trackball to choose and dress a character, pick your clubs and golf balls, then hit the course to start landing those eagles!

Every release since Golden Tee 2007 has built upon the previous year, crafting a game experience that simply improves with time. As such, GT2021 continues the evolution, building upon the greatness that was GT2020. 7 new courses were added, bringing the total to 88 18-hole courses to choose from. The new courses are: Baja RiaHidden TempleForest KnollAnse Cocos; & Monte Zeballos. Additional remastered courses from Golden Tee ’97 (Tropical Falls) and Golden Tee 2004 (Pine Creek) will launch some time in 2021.

The LIVE edition of the game also continues featuring casual, online and prize play game formats are available for players of every skill level. Everything is rendered in 1080p HD graphics, making for the most detailed Golden Tee game to date. Throw on top of that an amazing variety of customization options, time-released game features, new game modes and the iconic trackball control to complete the experience in video golf.

Check out Golden Tee 2021 from this manufacturer produced video. 

Note that on these models, the only difference is in the game cabinet. Instead of the standard “Showcase” design that is found with the main Incredible Technologies release, these feature a professionally designed all-in-one cabinet that includes the monitor and is in a compact package. This listing is for a 32″ model

Incredible Technologies’ Golden Tee 2021 LIVE 32″ Upright Features:

– Available in the LIVE (Commercial coin-op) and Home Editions. Please specify which type of software you would like to have when ordering.

– The world’s most popular golf game, perfect for bars, restaurants and arcades.

– Made in the USA by an experienced and trusted cabinet maker, Fun Company

– Includes 14 years of courses starting with Golden Tee 2007; Now up to Eighty-eight (88) 18-hole courses to play in total! Note that some courses will unlock in 2021.

– Real-Time Rivals Mode: Play against virtual representations of golfing greats such as John Daly, unlock in-game rewards and play online.

– More custom options than ever before, making for almost unlimited ways to play

– Supports up to four (4) players per match by taking turns.

– Illuminated game marquee

– Online capability through wired ethernet (Cat5); wireless or access via the built-in Sprint cell phone model (additional cost). PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR LIVE ACCESS DETAILS

– Card reader and keypad included

– Easy to use but versatile trackball controller with a controller feedback feature to help you improve your game!

– Traditional upright arcade cabinet that has been specially designed by Fun Company.

– Graphics are displayed on a 32″ 1080p LCD screen (comparison between 27″ & 32″ models below). Click here for the 27″ version.

– Compatible with the GT Caddy mobile app; FACTS LIVE and AdWiz LIVE compatible

– Includes a versatile coin door that accepts coins, bills and credit cards!

– Home/non-coin version is also available


Available Options – Please Call For Price

– Optional TV mounting stand. Can hold almost any 32″-52″ flat screen panel.

– Upgrade kit to convert your older game to the new edition


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Golden Tee Live ITNet Details – For LIVE Commercial Units Only!

For commercial operation of Golden Tee LIVE games, Incredible Technologies requires that you submit certain documents to create an ITNet account. Please look over the following and submit to Incredible Technologies before your game arrives. PLEASE NOTE: This is available for US Businesses only.

  1. Click here to review 2020 ITNet Fees (PDF file). These are for LIVE games that your customer selects. Fees to the player are set by IT to ensure that you get the lions share of the cut.
  2. Click here to review the ITNet Operating Rules. This does not need to be returned to us or IT but it does outline what is required for your to receive authorization to operate the game.
  3. Click here to download/view the ITNet Operator Agreement Form. Incredible Technologies requires that you fill this out and return to them. You can do so via the mailing address on the form or the ITNet Registration Fax.
  4. Click Here to download/view the ITNet Debit Account Form. This should be included with your mail-in or fax with the Operator Agreement Form
  5. Click Here to download/view the IRS W-9 Form. Include this with the Operator Agreement and Debit Account forms.
  6. We recommend that you do this before receiving your game as it can take up to ten (10) business days for the registration to be approved by IT. Doing this in advance ensures that your game will be able to enjoy the online features as soon as is possible.

If you get stuck or have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know!


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