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Goal Line Rush


Unique pusher redemption game where the footballs are equipped with special sensors
Installed Dimensions: Height: 98″, Width: 49″, Depth: 59″
Weight (lbs): 572
Shipping Dimensions: Height: 78″, Width: 66″ Depth:44″
Condition: Excellent
Manufacturer: BANDAI NAMCO

Goal Line Rush is a new American Football themed ticket redemption arcade game, by Bandai Namco Amusements.

When players walk up to the game, they will see dozens of “mini” style footballs on the rotating circular play field. Each football is labeled with a different ticket prize values. In the middle of the platform is a football player that the user controls with the push of a button.

After a credit is inserted and that button is pressed, the football player ‘rushes’ forward. Players want to time this rush in an attempt to push as many of the mini footballs off the playfield and into the “Endzone” touchdown area. Players receive the cumulative values of all the mini-footballs pushed into the end zone which can equal big ticket jackpots!

What Makes Goal Line Rush Special?

– Football themed game is great for any venue with a focus on sports

– Unique style of play to win tickets – it’s like a coin pusher but with footballs!

– Highlights provided by LED lighting

– Single button operation makes it perfect for players of all ages!

– The mini-footballs are equipped with special sensors that allow the game to determine all points accumulated by the player and make the proper ticket payout amount.

-Ticket dispenser included

-Card swipe system compatible

Check out Goal Line Rush in action!

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